extracts from a web-interview with Nico Smeenk
...the human side of things...

In his projects Nico Smeenk moves with agile professionality from the rational methodology of his (Dutch) origins on one side to a passional Italian creativity on the other.

Building on his collaborative experience with protagonists of italian and international design (Andries and Hiroko van Onck, Design Continuum, Luca Meda), in these last years he has worked with his own studio for numerous clients in distinct sectors, from medical devices to kitchen utensils; from furniture to electrodomestic appliances.
Co-designer (with Andries van Onck) of the folding stepladder 'Tiramisł' for Kartell (selection Compasso d'Oro 1994). His chair 'Track-One' wins the first prize in the competition 'Design 90'. Two of his electrodomestic appliances are in the permanent collection of the museum 'Forum di Omegna', whereas two 'manodomestic' utensils and the chair 'OYYO' took part in the exhibition 'Piemonte Torino Design' of 2006/08.
He has a preference for projects with a certain level of technological complexity, but the design of his products always shows a profound interest in the human side of things.

Design researcher ante literam, his aptitude for research and design theory is evident also in his teaching - from 1999 he is lecturer at the 'IED' in Milan. (A.B.)

Every designer has a motto - what is yours?

Paraphrasing a statement by a famous architect (Mies van der Rohe), my motto is: "Less slogans, more design".

In other words: there are no stylistic answers 'a priori'. First of all I listen, try to understand all the parties that are interested in the product - the end user before all - and to analyse the context.

The project that follows is the research for a design that responds as well as possible to this analysis. It's the only way for a design to become strategically innovative and not a mere stylistic variation.